The New Book of Baby and Child Massage by Robert Toporek


This website is to promote the breakthrough discoveries found in "The New Book of Baby and Child Massage" by Robert Toporek.

Robert has revolutionized the way parents have interacted with their children for decades, and this book focuses on the positive foundations you can create with your child that will last a lifetime.

Browse the website for any information necessary concerning the book and beyond. Learn about the benefits rolfing can provide for your whole family, or follow the links below to find out information on the amazing early-learning software being distributed with every TeamChildren computer!

"The New Book of Baby and Child Massage" can be purchased here for only $15!

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awe learning Say hellow to the ELF child-safe web browser! brillkids Featuring "Little Reader" and "Little Math" programs! IAHP The Institutes for the Achievement of Human Potential

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Read into the amazing benefits Rolfing can provide for the entire family in Robert's ongoing report, "The Promise of Rolfing Babies, Children and Families."

View amazing case study photos of children whose bodies dramatically transformed after their rolfing sessions, click here to read the free eBook! Click here to watch the award-winning documentary on youtube!